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CtD Continues to Innovate with New 4 Ball Roller Tote Bag

CtD Continues to Innovate with New 4 Ball Roller Tote Bag

Bowling bags are one essential item that every bowler must have. Bowling bags come in everything from a single ball bag all the way to a monsterous 6 ball bag that looks like it came from a sci-fi movie.

The most common type of bag for serious bowlers is known as the 3 ball roller tote. This bag serves 2 main purposes:

  • It is light enough to be checked on an airplane for traveling.
  • It is easy to maneuver around and not extremely difficult to take in and out of a car. 

In fact, when you see bowling bags stored by competitive bowlers, it is easy to see why this bag is the most commonly one used.

One of the downfalls to this 3 ball bag, is that if you take a spare ball, you don’t have enough room for performance balls to be competitive. You should always take a spare ball, CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHY.    

You should, at a minimum, have enough balls to cover the 4 types of ball motion. Click here to learn what they are. I recently took a trip that required air travel and needed to take 4 balls. I was really struggling to figure out how to get that 4th ball to travel with me. I ended up stuffing it in my suitcase. When I got to my destination the ball was all scratched up from rolling around in the bag.

The Solution

We wanted to find a way to take advantage of the versatility of a 3 ball roller tote bag but figure out a way to add an additional ball if needed.  This ball would need to be removed in order to keep the weight under 50 pounds; however, it would be protected.

Introducing the CtD 4 Ball Roller Tote 

This bag features a traditional style 3 ball roller tote with a detachable single ball bag. The single ball bag is attached using a 6 part restraining system. There are 4 metal carabiner clips and two reinforced extended handles. The additional ball is strategically placed in-between two balls below as well. The combination of these items keeps the top ball safe and secure when the bag is in motion. The single ball bag has a handle on top so that it can be carried alone. It also has an added strap that allows it to be able to attach securely to the extended handle of a traditional big 3 ball roller bag. The 3 ball roller tote is under 50 pounds by itself with 3 – 15 lb bowling balls in it.

How to properly use the CtD 4 ball roller tote:

  1. Release the single ball bag from the straps and carabiners.
  2. Take the single ball bag off of the roller tote.
  3. Unzip the roller tote and place the ball in the end closest to the wheels.
  4. Place a ball in the…

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