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an Innovation for Bowling Ball Reviews

TruBall Reviews | Creating the Difference will launch on 9/1/20. We wanted to offer a pre-order opportunity prior to the website launch date. With over 19 years of experience in bowling ball testing and development, Tru Ball Reviews is built to review bowling products in a new, educational, technical, and exciting manner. The process we use will allow any bowler the opportunity to know how any newly released bowling ball will roll for their specific game in their home environment. Most ball reviews focus on the bowler and their style. We believe the focus should be on the ball and how it compares to a known ball. This type of comparison allows for more useful information to be obtained and reduces the need for a specific style to be used. Let’s be honest, we all don’t throw it like the people we see in most reviews anyway. So let’s stop comparing ourselves to other bowlers and focus on what matters…. the ball.

We will use a review process that will consist of 3 different parts: 

Part 1

All balls will go through a series of tests – drilled and undrilled – to determine metrics that will provide value to the consumer. Think similarly to consumer reports. 

Part 2

Dual testing analysis. A player will throw the ball live – unedited. We will get some feedback from both the player and someone else watching them test. This will be a discussion about what they are seeing. Using Clutch Video Technology, you will be able to see shots thrown and visually see older shots for comparison. We will also use Specto data to confirm the quality of the shots.  This dual approach will allow for a second set of eyes to help explain some things that may be missed when actually throwing the ball. 

Part 3 

We will also have a ball that will be constant in ALL tests. This “control ball,” as it will be called, will allow for comparisons to be made against the other balls tested. This is a critical element of the testing process that is mostly missed in ball reviews. If you don’t have a control ball to compare against, how do you know if the environment is the same as before, or if what you are testing is better or different than the previously tested products? The simple answer is you can’t.

In order for you to have a deeper understanding of whether a ball is good for your game or not, you need the opportunity to have the exact same control ball with the exact same surface.  This ball would come from us shipped at a 2000 grit TruCut Surface.  The surface will be verified using a laser…

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