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How to Choose Bowling Ball Size

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The bowling ball is perhaps the most essential piece of equipment you need to play bowling successfully, and having the right fit for sizing will do your game wonders.

As we mentioned before, there seems to be this false belief that you should be throwing with the heaviest ball, no matter what.

While throwing with a heavyweight can be a goal, you need to make sure that you are using a comfortable weight and working your way up to heavier weights, not just starting with them right off the bat.

What Is the Heaviest Legal Bowling Ball Size for League Bowling?

The heaviest legal ball you can use in bowling is a sixteen-pound ball, per USBC specifications, and while some individuals may start with this ball, others need to start with a ball that suits their body’s needs and work their way up to a heavier weight.

The more popular weights for adult bowlers tend to range between 10 to 15 pounds, with male averages coming in at 14 to 16 pounds and females averaging around 10 to 14 pounds.

Why Does Bowling Ball Size Weight Matter?

The right weight will allow you to throw at consistent speeds that provide more pin action.

For example, if your ball is too heavy, you will slowly but surely lose speed as practice progresses, and your body is weighed down by the ball.

If your ball is too light, you will lose possible points from the lack of force you could have with a heavier ball.

Having a heavier ball is always the goal since the impact of the ball is dependent on speed times mass. You also want the weight that works best for you because of that speed factor.

If you can only throw high speeds at the beginning of practice with a heavier ball and then lose momentum, you are better off switching to a lower-weighted ball where you can keep your speeds consistent.

So if you can only throw a 16-pound ball at ten mph as you practice (16×10=160), you would be better off with a 14-pound ball at 18 mph (14×18=252) for greater impact.

When Do You Know You Need to Change Your Bowling Ball Weight?

Knowing when to change your bowling ball weight is key to elevating your game and gaining consistent, predictable bowling.

Using a ball that is too heavy for you, you risk injury or loss of stamina.

Use a ball that is too light, and you decrease your pin impact and potential scores.

Having a balance and knowing what to look for in either scenario will help you understand when to drop a few pounds or go up a pound.

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