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Is My Bowling Ball My Handicap? —

Is My Bowling Ball My Handicap? —

If you have wondered if your slumping bowling scores result from you or your ball, it’s time to delve further into what may be at play. Different bowling balls respond better to specific lane conditions than others. Bowling balls have different reaction levels and react in particular ways despite corrections to your technique or approach. So if you have ever been in the middle of a game and felt like you can’t control your bowling ball, it could be the ball, not your skill. 

Changing bowling balls during a game should not be attempted unless you know what to achieve by making the swap. The following is a checklist to remember when considering whether or not you should change bowling balls during a game. 

How Your Bowling Ball Is Reacting On The Lane

Your ball’s reaction on the lane will partly depend on how recently the lane has been oiled. Freshly oiled lanes should have some skid and backend reactions. If you are bowling on a newly oiled lane and your ball is hooking around the middle, try moving in to see if you get different results. 

However, if you make this adjustment and your bowling ball is sliding too long, or your ball is hooking too soon if you move back, you should change bowling balls. 

Pay Close Attention To Your Hooks

In addition to making the adjustments listed above, notice if your hook is not enough or too much and if you are missing the outside or the inside. Your hook will give you information that can help determine if you should swap balls and, if so, which one to use instead. You will need to have assessed the lane’s oil level and know each of your bowling ball’s reactivity to make a good choice. 

How The Bowling Ball Hits The Pins

Take note of how your bowling ball enters the pocket and leaves the pin deck. Each of your bowling balls will react somewhat differently in these scenarios. The ball could be inexplicably leaving several pins even with a strong hit, or the ball may not be getting the necessary carry due to an early hook or long skid. Swapping your bowling ball may be just what you need to get back on track with your game.

Stay On Top Of Your Bowling Game

In every sport, practice makes perfect. Suppose you are noticing trouble signs during your bowling game. In that case, training will help you know how your bowling balls react under different circumstances. It is better to have several bowling balls to choose from during a game than to struggle with overcorrecting your throw. If your bowling balls fall…

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