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Break Out Of Your Bowling Slump With These Checkpoints —

Break Out Of Your Bowling Slump With These Checkpoints —

As bowlers, we’ve all had times when we felt off our games. Maybe you’ve not been bowling up to par for a couple of games, or you just can’t seem to throw a good ball; blowing slumps can happen to the best of us. If you are in a bowling slump, don’t panic! The more you fixate on your average going down or the fact that your team is losing games, the worse the slump will become. 

The key to coming out of a bowling slump is to realize that something has changed in your game and that you need to figure it out to make the necessary adjustments. You can correct your issue and reverse the slump by focusing on the things you need to do correctly to execute a good shot. Here are some checkpoints to help you break your bowling slump.

Focus On These Checkpoints To Determine Where You’ve Gotten Off Track On Your Bowling Game:

  • Walking straight and at a slow pace.
  • Keeping your trailing foot in the back of you rather than out to your side.
  • Check your hand position for the 10:00 or 11:00 release.
  • Swinging the ball out over the correct target.
  • Squaring yourself to the mark and staying balanced.
  • Swinging the ball with a smooth pendulum motion 
  • Making sure not to drop your bowling shoulder. 
  • Throwing the ball with speed and consistency.
  • Check the bowling ball’s finger grips for the correct size.
  • Check to see if the ball skins rather than rolls when entering the pocket.
  • Counting your steps and timing to be in sync with your arm swing.
  • Concentrating on your game, not your average.

Other Things To Consider When Working Out Of A Bowling Slump

  • As you continue to focus on these checkpoints, your problem should eventually correct itself. You may also want to ask a teammate or bowling partner to video your practice sessions so you can view your technique and see if any of your bowling habits stand out as the reason for your slump.
  • Assess your bowling equipment and gear to ensure everything is in good shape. Your shoes should be comfortable and not worn out. If your bowling ball is too light or heavy or shows signs of wear and tear, it may be time to purchase a new bowling ball.
  • Leave your worries at the door of the bowling arena when you practice and compete in tournaments. If you have anything negative or stressful weighing on your mind, the stress will be transferred to our game and impact it negatively. 
  • If you’ve worked on your game for a few months and still have not pulled out of your bowling slump, it may be time to talk about taking a lesson or two…

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