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Bowling | Mon, Nov. 7, 2022

SLO Rollers Tournament – Cal-State San Luis Obispo  

The Arizona Christian University Bowling Team began the 2022-23 season in Santa Maria, CA their first tournament on Saturday, October 29. The tournament began with (4) five-person team games. These proved to be some of the Firestorm’s best, as they averaged more than 1000 pins per game (200 player average). ACU took the overall lead into the final 3-game series, but the team scoring average dropped to 900 later in the day. The Firestorm ultimately finished 3rd behind San Jose State and Fresno State.

The Sunday tournament followed the same format, but the team did not fare as well as the previous day as they Averaged closer to 850 (170 per person) team scores. The team finished fifth on Sunday.

Several players did well in the individual standings: Junior CJ Todeschi placed 5th, Junior Russell Bivins finished in 9th, Senior David Waybright placed 11th and Senior Elijah Trice finished 15th.

West Coast Collegiate Championships – Fresno

The Firestorm season continued in Fresno on November 5 and 6. The tournament consisted of several team games then Baker games, and finally a 3-game Baker elimination format to determine the champion. The Firestorm held their ground and closed their frames to maintain momentum. The team defeated San Jose State then moved into a three-game match with Arizona State University. ASU bested ACU 2-1 in the cross-town match-up, but, because of the total number of points and matches won, ACU did finish in 2nd place – the highest ever for the team.

“It was a great day, especially in light of our physical tiredness,” coach Dallas Bivins said. “Right when you thought we didn’t have anything left, the team pulled out some gusto and made it work!” Final standings for the Saturday tournament were Grand Canyon, ACU, Arizona State, UC-Davis and San Jose State.

The Sunday tournmanet was a different story. The team struggled to find strike shots, and instead spent all their energy trying to make spares. Quickly the team dropped to fourth overall. “What a great character-building tournament. Strong leaders are made in the tough times, in the crises moments, and that’s what happened to the team today. In the worst of situations, we came together as a team and finished the job,” Coach Bivins remarked. In the end, the team finished with their best games of the day, including a 180, 190, and 202.

The Firestorm return to…

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