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CtD Launches TruCut Hand Applied POLISH PLUS Powered by Turtle Wax

CtD Launches TruCut Hand Applied POLISH PLUS Powered by Turtle Wax

Posted by Ronald Hickland on

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Since 2015, Creating the Difference has been doing just that in the bowling industry. One of the reasons the CtD brand has grown so quickly is because of its business relationships. One of CtD’s partners is Turtle Wax, an industry leader in the automotive space. In 2019, we worked with them to develop a polish specifically designed to work on bowling balls. The innovation in that product was that you could do it by hand; which is something that can’t be done with other polishes. The product was called TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax.

CtD is a company that loves to continue innovating on the products it develops. We are always working to make them even better. In the last three years, we have found a way to improve the effectiveness of our new polishing product. Our current TruCut Hand Applied Polish can polish a ball to 5500 grit by hand or 6200 grit with a ball spinner.Β Β 

We have now innovated again with a new product called TruCut Hand Applied POLISH PLUS Powered by Turtle Wax. This product improves the ability to polish a ball faster and to a higher level both by hand and using a ball spinner.

The features of this product include:

  • It can be used to polish a ball to 6000 grit by hand and an outstanding 6500 grit when used with a bowling ball spinner. 6500 grit is higher than any other polish in the bowling industry.
  • This product increases length AND backend motion in reactive bowling balls.
  • It creates a ball shape that is Angular in Motion.Β Β 
  • It works quickly to polish a ball and leaves the ball extremely tacky.Β 
  • It doesn’t need to haze up in order to be wiped off.
  • It’s extremely long lasting on a bowling ball: 2 to 3 times longer than the competitive polish.
  • It works on ALL bowling ball coverstocks including hard to polish conventional Urethane. It can also be used on any polyurethane resin to achieve a high shine.
  • It does not contain chemicals that can clog the pores of a bowling ball.
  • It doesn’t change the hardness of a bowling ball.
  • It doesn’t impact oil absorption in a reactive bowling ball.
  • It comes in a 16 oz bottleΒ 


DO NOT let the polish get below 40 Degrees Fahrenheit. It can freeze and this will shorten it’s life expectancy of 3 to 5 years.

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