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MOTIV Bowling introduces The New Jackal™ Ambush

MOTIV Bowling introduces The New Jackal™ Ambush

The newest predator in the vicious Jackal line, the Jackal™ Ambush will catch opponents off guard with
its strength and control of its environment. 

This ultra-strong beast pushes the boundaries of ball motion
and hook in oil, providing a smooth and controlled ball motion, even in the heaviest concentrations. The
Jackal Ambush allows you to go on the hunt, knowing that you have the strength behind you to

The Jackal™ Ambush introduces the release of a brand new cover stock system; Leverage Solid Reactive.
Leverage is formulated to be smoother down lane and stronger in the oil than the Coercion cover stock
systems previously used for this ball motion. This is the most aggressive and cover stock system ever
developed in the MOTIV ball line. 

Paired with this new system is the proven Predator™ V2 core. Used in the legendary Jackal™ Ghost and
the Alpha Jackal used by Wesley Low to shoot 900, the Predator V2 is ideal in heavy oil conditions when
a high performance, asymmetrical core is necessary. The low RG and high differential give a fast spinning
and dynamic core design, capable of huge amounts flare. 


BALL NAME: Jackal™ Ambush 


FINISH: 1000 Grit LSS 

WEIGHTS: 12# – 16# 

15#: RG 2.47 | Max Diff .054 | Int. Diff .015 

CORE: Predator™ V2 BALL 

COLOR: Black/Hunter/Dark Green Solid 

COVER: Leverage™ Solid Reactive 

NEOMARK: Gray/Red Solid 

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