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Ebonite Game Breaker 2 (2022) Bowling Ball Review

Ebonite Game Breaker 2 (2022) Bowling Ball Review

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The Game Breaker 2 is back in the Ebonite line. This ball has a very storied history, and the nameplate has lived on since the Ebonite brand’s move to Brunswick with upgraded coverstocks on the Game Breaker 4 Pearl and the Game Breaker Asym. The Game Breaker 2 uses an older version of the GB coverstock, GB 10.7 Solid, that comes out of the box sanded at 500/2000 SiaAir. The weight block is the classic low RG, medium-high differential Enhanced V2 symmetrical design. The original Game Breaker 2 from 2014 was a fantastic benchmark-type bowling ball that was highly versatile and very responsive to surface changes. After spending some time on the lanes with this remake, BTM’s testers were just as impressed with this version.

Cranker had bags full of the original Game Breaker and Game Breaker 2. While he was excited to see the nameplate and color scheme return, he was ready for his expectations to be too high for this remake. However, throwing the ball on the heavy oil pattern erased all worry for him about how this new version would compare to the original. He saw the very familiar Game Breaker motion: an early-revving ball that digs into the midlane and provides a strong and continuous motion at the back end. He had plenty of hook on this pattern, but the smoother motion at the breakpoint kept this ball from hooking

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