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Complete 14-Lane Build Out at Fun Center

Complete 14-Lane Build Out at Fun Center

This job was a complete build-out in Portales, New Mexico. We used our string pinsetters. The most important parts are made out of high-quality synthetic material. The string rolls and all other critical parts are easily accessible so maintenance can be done easily and quickly without having a trained technician. Our ball returns were also crucial. Funk offers bowling ball racks and returns that come in two of the most common ball return system variations: over-ground and underground. Funk ball elevators and ball accelerators give the ball enough velocity to ensure a fast and safe ball return to the player. Check out this 14-lane complete bowling build-out of a family fun center in Portales, New Mexico.

The Project

The Portales Fun Center is an exciting place for all. They have a skating rink, a bowling alley, an arcade, pool tables, darts, golf simulators, and more. It’s safe to say this is a great entertainment center with a lot of enjoyable activities.

We completed an entirely new buildout of 14 lanes at this location. All new string pinsetters were added. Also, our innovative ball returns and racks. We even provided an LED lighting installation for them. On top of that, we provided there seating for each of the lanes. With this buikdout, we gave this fun center a higher profit, lower maintenance, fast gameplay bowling alley with so many more features. You can view all of our products here.

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