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Radical Bigfoot Hybrid Bowling Ball Review

Radical Bigfoot Hybrid Bowling Ball Review

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The Radical Bigfoot Hybrid uses the same symmetrical core as the original Bigfoot, now wrapped in a hybrid coverstock that uses Brunswick’s new HK22 resin base. This cover was very impressive in combination with the low RG and high differential core shape, digging into the oil and creating a stronger move in the friction. Coming out of the box at 500/1000/1500 SiaAir with Crown Factory Compound, the glossy Bigfoot Hybrid was most effective on the medium oil test pattern for all three of our testers.

Cranker liked his reaction just a touch more than the other two bowlers on the fresh medium oil pattern. He really liked how well the ball saw the midlane and how much motion he had when the ball got to the dry, allowing him to open his angles and have plenty of room for error downlane. His reaction continued to be very good as the pattern broke down. The glossy box finish let him keep moving left with his laydown to find more oil in the front without the Bigfoot Hybrid over-skidding or seeing any over/under. Late in the session when he felt the Bigfoot Hybrid might be a little too strong, he could use either the original Bigfoot or the Sneak Attack

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