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Storm Absolute Bowling Ball Review

Storm Absolute Bowling Ball Review

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The Storm Absolute introduces both a new coverstock and a new asymmetrical core design to the brand. The new Sentinel core has a low RG (2.48″), a high total differential (0.050″), and a high intermediate differential (0.021″). The coverstock is a new formulation called RS2 DEEP Hybrid, the next step in the evolution of the incredibly successful R2S coverstock family. It comes out of the box with a polished Reacta Gloss finish. Between the new fast-revving core shape and the new coverstock, the Absolute creates big traction in the midlane that sets it up for an incredible move at the breakpoint and a large amount of back end recovery. The Dark Code was the last ball in the Premier line with a polished box finish. The stronger coverstock kept the Absolute from having as much length as the Dark Code, while providing a stronger move off the friction and more total hook for all of the testers.

Stroker had a fantastic look with the Absolute out of the box on the fresh medium oil pattern. The ball was strong enough to provide a big move at the back end, but it still allowed him to stay straighter with his angles and play to his strengths. Once he was lined

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