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Storm Revenant Bowling Ball Review

Storm Revenant Bowling Ball Review

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The Revenant brings the symmetrical Vector core back to the Storm product line for 2023 and wraps it in the R3S Pearl Reactive coverstock. Prepped from the factory with Storm’s shiny Reacta Gloss finish, this ball fills the gap between more aggressive polished balls such as the Absolute and Fate and weaker offerings such as the Hy-Road Pearl. The Revenant closely resembled the Spectre across the BTM test patterns, and it impressed all three of our testers with its versatility.

Cranker loved his reaction with the Revenant on the fresh medium oil pattern. The ball cleared the fronts effortlessly, making a strong motion downlane without being overly aggressive when it saw the dry. This allowed him to stay farther right than he could with balls like the Fate and Absolute. The Revenant was just as good for Cranker as the pattern started to break down. He could make small parallel moves left and the Revenant still got through the fronts easily, retaining plenty of energy for the breakpoint and back end. The box finish was best for him from start to finish on this pattern. The sport pattern is where Cranker had his next best reaction with the Revenant at its box finish. The polished cover allowed him to start in the track area, playing straighter angles and getting the ball to turn over at the back end into the pocket. He really liked how clean the ball was and how well it blended out the reaction at the end of the pattern, despite coming out of the box with a polished finish. The Revenant gave him a nice roll off the dry, never trying to jump left off the friction. As the track started to open up, he could start migrating left with his laydown and open his angles more through the front, but he

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