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Ebonite Envision Pearl Bowling Ball Review

Ebonite Envision Pearl Bowling Ball Review

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The Envision Pearl is the follow-up to last season’s Envision. This release features a pearlized coverstock that uses Brunswick’s HK22 base formula to create a more responsive reaction at the breakpoint and increased overall hook compared to the Envision and The One Remix. Using the same asymmetrical Envision core shape as the original, this ball provides a large flare potential and gets down the lane fairly easily for a ball that is sanded at 500/1000/3000 SiaAir, making it the rare pearlized ball that comes out of the factory without a shiny finish.

Stroker really liked the amount of total hook he saw from the Envision Pearl on the heavy oil test pattern. The box finish felt very rough and had no trouble creating traction in the midlane, allowing him to start the ball going away from the pocket and still have plenty of pin carry. The only potential miss was when he would get the ball out a bit too far, resulting in half-pocket hits that wouldn’t always kick out the 7 pin. In transition, Stroker had a few options as the lane started to hook more. He could stay in the same place and simply send the ball farther outside to take advantage of the increased friction compared to the fresh, or he could make a parallel move inside and keep the ball in the oil longer to help delay the hook. Being more comfortable from farther right, he opted not to chase the oil to the inside. Once the Envision Pearl hooked too much for that part of the lane, he could ball-down into The One Remix or even the Game Breaker 2 and play a bit farther outside. Stroker had the best reaction with the Envision Pearl out of the three testers on the medium oil pattern. While not being completely comfortable starting as far left as he had to with this ball, the

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