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Brunswick Knock Out Bruiser Bowling Ball Review

Brunswick Knock Out Bruiser Bowling Ball Review

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The Knock Out Bruiser is the latest Knock Out ball to join the Brunswick family. All three of the balls in this line have used the symmetrical Melee core, and this one further evolves the Savvy Hook coverstock family by introducing the SH 4.0 Solid formulation. The Knock Out Bruiser comes out of the box finished at 500/1000/2000 SiaAir to give it a rough surface texture that goes a little longer than the Knock Out Black and Blue, along with a smoother on-lane motion than the Attitude. The Bruiser’s medium hook and controllable shape will make it useful for medium to heavy oil conditions for most styles.

Tweener was able to keep the Knock Out Bruiser closer to the same zone across our different test patterns than the other two bowlers. The Bruiser was smoother and rounder at the breakpoint than the Defender Hybrid and the Quantum Evo Hybrid on the medium oil pattern. The cover was dull enough to give the ball a strong overall hook without starting up too early, which gave him good pin carry and made it easy to adapt in transition. He simply made some 2-and-1 moves inside when the ball crept high, and the Bruiser had no trouble handling the oil or reading the breakpoint. Very late in the session, when the Bruiser started to lose some angle downlane, he could get into the Attitude or Melee Jab Carbon to retain more energy and get through the pins again. The dull box finish had enough texture for Tweener to get to the pocket on the heavy oil test pattern. He needed to close his angles compared to how he attacked the medium pattern, and he also needed to be a little softer with his ball speed. Later in the session, as more friction developed, he could go

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