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Duckpin Bowling Added to Candlepin Center

Duckpin Bowling Added to Candlepin Center

We were a part of the remodeling of Valley Park Bowl in the city of North Adams, Massachusetts. This project was a great success. We used our sting pinsetter technology on this job and our very modern duckpin bowling lanes This was a very unique project to say the least.

The Project

Valley Park Bowl originally only offered an all candlepin bowling experience. They currently also have a complete arcade and Bounce room. Additionally, they have a pub with drink and food along with keno and the lottery.

They wanted to offer more than just candlepin bowling. Funk Bowling was up for the job! Valley Park wanted to remove some of their candlepin lanes and replace them with a new offering. We removed 8 candlepin lanes and replaced them with 3-ball full size duckpin bowling.

The addition of string pinsetters, along with capping on gutters and DFX LED Versa cap lighting, has not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the alley but also improved the functionality and efficiency of the game. With the installation of video masking on the pinsetters and new scoring for all 18 lanes, the bowlers can now enjoy a more immersive and personalized experience. These upgrades have undoubtedly brought a modern touch to the classic game of bowling, making it a must-visit destination for all bowling enthusiasts.

8 Full Size Duckpin Bowling Lanes and Alley Upgrade – North Adams, MA

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