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Prebble Seeds : Bowls New Zealand’s preferred supplier of greenkeeping consumables

Prebble Seeds : Bowls New Zealand’s preferred supplier of greenkeeping consumables

Bowlers will be aware that a number of ‘preferred supplier’ arrangements have been made with companies able to provide products and services which most, if not all, bowling clubs throughout New Zealand need.

This ranges from FieldTurf, provider of artificial greens … to APEX, provider of insurance for clubs … and to Prebble Seeds which can fulfil all the fertiliser, fungicide, insecticide and herbicide needs of greenkeepers up and down the country … not only for natural greens, but also for the maintenance of artificial greens.

In fact, 70% of clubs with natural greens now preferentially use Prebble Seeds for their greenkeeping needs.

“There’s a good reason for that,” says Rob Gibson, President of the Bowls New Zealand Greenkeepers’ Association.  “Not only are their products second to none, but their prices are also very competitive.  And the free freight anywhere on the country is a biggie as well.  Plus, I believe they offer really outstanding service … they’re easy to get on the phone … they reply to your emails … and they have reps up and down the country visiting our clubs and providing all sorts of great advice.”

“They’re one of three organisations bowling clubs can rely on to help them with their greens … particularly their natural greens: The New Zealand Greenkeepers’ Association, the New Zealand Sports Turf Institute, and Prebbles.”

“What’s really great is that on top of all that, they also put money into the Greenkeepers’ Association so that we can help train better keepers of our greens.”

The New Zealand Turf Manager of Prebble Seeds, Bruce Lowe, has been in the business nearly 40 years.

“I was taken under the wing by bowling greenkeepers when I first started in the industry,” says Bruce.  “That’s where I came to know the greenkeeping business.  34 years ago, I joined Prebble Seeds … a New Zealand-owned company that has now been around for nearly 60 years.”

“Right from the start, we’ve always tried to offer the best products … at the same time keeping up with what’s new and improved on the market.  We have principals who choose us because they know that we are the best distributors in the country.”

“Our reps are passionate about Prebble Seeds.  On average they have been with the company for 22 years.  What they don’t know about fertilisers, chemicals and seeds isn’t worth knowing!”

“But having said that, we know that every buck counts to a bowling club. …

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