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Breaking! 11 Top Storm Bowling Balls Discontinued in 2023!

Breaking! 11 Top Storm Bowling Balls Discontinued in 2023!

just announced! 11 storm, Roto Grip & 900 global bowling balls to be discontinued 2023

Chris Beans shares recent updates to the 2023 discontinued list from Storm, Roto Grip and 900 Global! Full specs, commentary and more! Get them before they are GONE!

What is crackin’ bowlers Chris beans here with Bowler’s Rant and today we are taking a look at the Top 11 discontinued bowling balls from Storm, Roto Grip and 900 Global. That’s right, and these are the good ones, and you’re gonna want to gran one of these because once they’re gone, they’re gone! So let’s get into it.

#11 – Storm infinite physix bowling ball

Coming in at #11 – Storm Infinite Bowling Ball.

The Infinite PhysiX is destined to get the bowling world’s attention. When you craft vivacity with the same detail you craft performance, you create the Storm Premier Line. They’re more than mere bowling balls. They deliver motion with style. Entry angle with carry. We wouldn’t let it leave our proving grounds if it were any other way. Born from a place of refinement and obsessively honed on the lanes, they come from somewhere else – so they feel like nothing else

#10 – Storm Super Nova Bowling Ball

Coming in at #10 – Storm Super Nova Bowling Ball.

The Super Nova is extraordinary by design. Showcasing the new and dynamically intense Ignition Core, the Super Nova features a tour-inspired design that enables better versatility on a wider array of oil patterns.

Weight blocks like the Ignition Core rev up fast and finish strong with a more aggressive movement down lane. Need some extra oomph? Then look no further. The Ignition Core pumps out more than 6” of loaded flare potential! That’s more than enough differential to amp your adrenaline levels.


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