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Better Bowler Coaching Videos – Bowls New Zealand

Better Bowler Coaching Videos - Bowls New Zealand

The ‘Better Bowler’ videos are a new initiative from the Bowls New Zealand coaching group for the benefit of the entire bowling community.

In them, we sit down some of our best bowlers and pose questions to them- just as you would if you had the chance to do so in a bowling club.

They’re short, sharp and contain pearls of wisdom left, right and centre.

We’ve created these videos for our bowling community, be them new bowlers, experienced bowlers or those in between.

We encourage you to share them far and wide.

You can watch as few or as many of these videos as you want, and we’ve divided them into different ‘modules’ for your perusal below.

So, what are you waiting for?

Dive in by clicking on the module you’re interested in, below.

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