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How To Change Soles & Heels On Your Bowling Shoes Like A Pro – BowlersMart

How To Change Soles & Heels On Your Bowling Shoes Like A Pro - BowlersMart


Upgrading Your Bowling Shoes: Switching Soles and Heels

Improve your game and reap peak performance with the right bowling shoes. 

Investing in higher-performing shoes with interchangeable soles and heels can work wonders. 

Adjusting the soles and heels of your shoes is necessary to match various approach conditions. Players have their ideal level of comfort with sliding or stopping. By changing footwear, you can optimize your performance and experience maximum enjoyment.

This feature also allows you to replace just the soles or heels (the quickest part to wear out) and get more life out of your shoes. In this article, we’ll break down the differences in all the soles and heels and help you understand everything there is to know about these performance shoe accessories.

Brake Heels: Heel brakes, usually made of rubber or leather, act as a counterforce to the sliding motion by introducing traction at the end of the slide.

Slide Soles: Bowling shoes usually have a slide sole made of microfiber or leather. It’s situated on the slide foot (RF for left-handed and LF for right-handed bowlers); it helps the foot slide smoothly, leading to a better delivery and better results.

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Traction Soles: Bowling shoes have rubber accessories that attach to the traction foot (LF for lefties, RF for righties). These assist with the push away and provide additional stability during the approach.

What’s the purpose of adjusting your soles and heels?

Each bowler is unique with their approach and release. This is where the versatility of interchangeable soles and heels comes in handy, offering bowlers customization options that athletic shoes just can’t provide. 

Aside from individual preferences, various bowling center conditions can alter the bowler’s slide, from the approach surface to inclement weather. This is especially significant for those bouncing from one bowling center to another. 

Performance shoes offer superior value…

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