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How To Make A Consistent Bowling Approach – BowlersMart

How To Make A Consistent Bowling Approach - BowlersMart

How To Form A Consistent Bowling Approach

Developing a consistent swing path from start to finish relies on good footwork direction. This paves way for the head to be aligned with the ball throughout the entire swing. Additionally, appropriate sport-specific training can help you achieve your optimal performance.

The 4 Step Bowling Approach

1. Crossover Step

To execute a smooth shot, we begin with a four-step approach. The first step is the crossover step, which should be aligned with the other foot to direct the swing in the right direction. This clears the hip and allows the bowling ball to move freely. Ensure that your head and shoulder on the ball side are tilted down slightly in your stance for optimal form. Beware of crossing over too far, as this can open your hips and lead to swing path complications. Remember, the foundation for a successful swing starts from the ground up.

2. Step In Front of The First Step

Positioning step two directly in front of step three is crucial. This maintains forward momentum and ensures you’re moving in the right direction.

3. Pivot Step

The pivot step is critical to clear space for a proper downswing. Making the pivot step shorter, and allowing it to move slightly inside your head, or a slight crossover, aligns your swing and positions it in a perfect spot to swing past the leg under your head. Avoid stepping dead left on two, which could cause your swing to end up behind your back. Opt for crossovers in both steps one and three; this helps maintain a proper swing path.

4. Slide Step

Let’s talk about the slide step in bowling. If you’re a right-hander, your slide step ought to land slightly to the left of your head. For left-handers, it’s the opposite. Most bowlers will slide on the same board as their pivot step unless they accidentally drift away. This helps maintain balance and promote a consistent swing direction. In other words, if the pivot step lands on the 20th board, the slide will follow suit on the same board, resulting in a smoother, more calibrated motion.

If you find that your shots are often inconsistent despite feeling great about them, it might be time to examine your footwork. Improving the direction of your footwork can help ensure that you consistently hit your target lines. Following the steps outlined above is a good start, but if you’re still struggling, it’s wise to seek out a qualified coach. A second set of trained eyes can work…

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