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What Accessories You Should Have In Your Bowling Bag – BowlersMart

What Accessories You Should Have In Your Bowling Bag - BowlersMart

Essential Bowling Accessories to Carry in Your Bag

Bowling accessories are essential components in every bowler’s arsenal.

These vital tools can greatly influence a bowler’s performance, making the difference between a perfect game and an unsuccessful one.

To elevate your game and performance, it’s important to pack your bag with the right items that accentuate your skills and enrich your experience on the lane. These essential tools can have a significant impact on your efficiency and enjoyment, so make sure to choose wisely!

Bowling Tape

Bowling tape is a lifesaver when the gripping holes on a bowling ball become loose. The tape is available in textured and smooth surfaces and helps maintain a consistent grip on the ball, enabling more accurate shots. Keep some on hand to help perfect your game. Tapes also can be used on your hand to prevent blisters instead of using skin patch.

Skin Protection

Bowling can irritate the fingers leading to abrasions or splits on the skin. Using skin patches or liquids can help seal those areas, and protect them from worsening. These skin protection substances work wonders, enabling you to continue playing without any hindrance. Also skin tapes can be used to prevent blistering 

Grip Sack

To keep perspiration from interfering with your Bowling game, try using a resin bag to keep your hand dry before making a delivery. By keeping your hand dry, you can improve the consistency of your shots, leading to better performance on the lanes.

Bowling Towel/Shammy

Carrying a bowling towel is both practical and multifunctional. Not only does it help you keep your bowling hand dry if you perspire, but it also allows you to efficiently clean dirt and lane oil off of your ball surface.

Shammy Pads are unparalleled at removing oil compared to regular towels. Made with premium leather, they quickly restore tackiness to your bowling ball, bolstering its backend motion. Suitable for all types of bowling balls, Shammy Pads are a must-have in your kit for top-notch performance.

Bowling Ball Polish/Cleaner

Bowling ball cleaner is a must-have for maintaining a clean ball surface during competitions. Certain cleaners are authorized for use during USBC competitions, allowing you to clean your ball surface between frames seamlessly. Additionally, polish rejuvenates the ball surface, helping control good ball skid distance on dry lanes, and is a perfect way…

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