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Dear Members of the American Wheelchair Bowling Association

Dear Members of the American Wheelchair Bowling Association

In past summers, we have previously had a regional tournament run in greater Omaha/Council Bluffs, Iowa. In previous years, this was run by the Great Plains chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), sanctioning through our AWBA.

This year, the Great Plains chapter is running their tournament without AWBA involvement. As such, most of the AWBA Board of Directors will not be attending this years’s tournament in Nebraska. The tournament is not listed on our website, although it previously had been.

We are not telling anyone that they should or should not participate in this tournament, and wish everyone well in that pursuit. Still, we feel it prudent to point out a few things. Since the AWBA is not involved, averages used for handicapping purposes will not be members’ AWBA adjusted averages, but rather an average as determined by the PVA chapter in its tournament rules. After the tournament’s conclusion, scores bowled will not be included in AWBA rankings, nor be used to update averages for future AWBA tournaments. Other AWBA benefits will also not be present or available.

We feel that it’s important that those entering this tournament be aware of these things. Bowlers may wish to reach out to the tournament or chapter directly for clarification on what their entering averages will be, or any other questions.

We wish we didn’t have to share this with our members, but we feel that having everyone informed is the way to go. We will still be sanctioning and partnering with tournaments in Short Pump, Virginia (Mid Atlantic PVA) this September, and Romeoville, Illinois (Vaughan PVA) in May, 2024. We also have our 62nd Annual National Championships, previously published, in Fort Worth, Texas, this October. Additional tournaments will be announced as they become affiliated and finalized.

We wish the Great Plains PVA success with their tournament, as well as a good experience and safe travels for everyone participating and otherwise involved.

For the AWBA Board of Directors,

Frank W. Goebel II, Secretary
American Wheelchair Bowling Association

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