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Etiquette for Beginning Bowlers – BowlersMart

Etiquette for Beginning Bowlers - BowlersMart

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Why Follow Bowling Etiquette

Proper bowling etiquette is crucial to a fun-filled and enjoyable experience not just for yourself but also for those near you. By following basic, common-sense guidelines, you can enhance your and others’ enjoyment and make the most of this great game.

Important Rules for Bowling

1. Ensure you’re prepared to bowl when the pins are set, but avoid throwing until the pinsetting machine completes its cycle and the sweepbar is raised. Premature throwing can harm the ball or equipment, so wait for the right time to deliver it.

2. To facilitate the smooth flow of the game, it’s best to observe the one-lane courtesy. Whenever two bowlers reach the approach at the same time, it’s customary for the bowler on the right to bowl first. As you wait your turn, please remain off the approach to avoid any disruption.

3. Slow aiming or setup during the approach can impede progress and disrupt gameplay.

4. It’s recommended to stay within your approach area when delivering the ball.

5. After delivering the ball, it’s important to step off the approach. This ensures accuracy and helps avoid any unwanted injuries.

6. Bowling well requires focus. It’s important to have fun, but keep in mind that excessive movement or noise can disturb others while they’re bowling.

7. Elevating the ball excessively hurts your bowling game and can cause damage to the lane.

8. Wet shoes can be a potential safety hazard. Thus, it’s important to be mindful of where you tread.

Since everyone wishes to have fun while bowling, following these simple guidelines to good etiquette on the lanes is something we must all keep in mind.
If you are learning to bowl, simply inquire at the bowling center control desk if you are unclear about bowling courtesy or about the rules of the game. Knowing the rules is an important part of learning the game.

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