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Roto Grip Clone Bowling Ball Review

Roto Grip Clone Bowling Ball Review

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Starting from the inside, the Roto Grip Clone uses a weight block that looks familiar to a previous design, but it is not an exact duplicate. Roto Grip fans will remember the Equalizer Technology core design that was found in the UFO and UFO Alert. This ball uses a similar asymmetrical design called Cloned ET that results in a slightly lower RG and a slightly higher total differential. Continuing to the outer shell, the Clone uses the new OptiTrax Solid Reactive cover. It is finished with Reacta Gloss, which gave us some of the most length we have seen from a solid Roto Grip ball. The Clone seemed to waste no energy until it got to the breakpoint and then made a very strong move toward the pocket.

Stroker saw the best reaction of all three bowlers on the fresh medium oil pattern with the Clone. His lower rev rate resulted in a more controllable move at the breakpoint compared to the other two bowlers. While his UFO Alert wanted to grab early if he was too straight up the dry on the outside part of the lane, the Clone didn’t have this problem. He was able to get the Clone to the breakpoint easily from more direct angles, turning over very sharply downlane. He needed to really stay on top of his moves as the oil broke down, as instead of seeing the ball drive past the 9 pin or leave a 4 pin when the transition hit, he sometimes went from striking to leaving big splits before even knowing it was time to make an adjustment. Stroker had a very good look on the dry pattern with the Clone at the box finish. The natural length provided by the shiny box finish got the ball to the pocket very easily. He was able to play a

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