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Radical Katana Strike Bowling Ball Review

Radical Katana Strike Bowling Ball Review

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The Katana Strike joins the Katana Assault in the current Radical line. Both balls use the Katana Assault Asymmetric core, which is a medium RG and high differential design with a large intermediate differential. The differences between the two releases are the coverstock and the box finish. The Katana Strike uses a new HK22-based reactive hybrid cover compared to the pearlized HK22 cover from the Assault. It is finished at 500/1500/3000 SiaAir, which is a rougher surface than the Factory Compound finish that was used on the Assault. The Katana Strike isn’t as rough as the Outer Limits, but we found it to have a smoother move at the breakpoint and less motion at the back end. While the motion was smoother, all three bowlers saw plenty of total hook with the box finish and found it most useful on our test patterns with decent length and more oil volume in the front.

Cranker had the best reaction out of our three bowlers on the fresh heavy oil pattern. His higher rev rate allowed the ball to shape a bit more at the back end, and he had more continuation than the other bowlers. The 3000 grit box finish provided plenty of traction for him to cut through the oil on this pattern. He needed to be three boards farther right with his laydown compared to how he played this pattern with the Outer Limits, and he was five boards right of where he was lined up with the Innovator Solid. He saw a smoother motion at the breakpoint compared to those balls. The box finish was best for Cranker when playing straighter angles, as when he moved inside with lower speed and tried to open up the lane, he would often leave the corner pin standing. Even later in the session, when the track

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