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Article Contents

  • 1. Equipment
  • 2. Everything is connected
  • 3. Skill adjustments
    • 3.1. Loft
    • 3.2. What about axis rotation?
  • 4. Connection between psychology and biomechanics
    • 4.1. Which tools are at your disposal?
    • 4.2. Identify your favorite tools
  • 5. Final thoughts

In the human body, everything is connected. Injuries to one area cause you to compensate and possibly create an issue in another area. It’s no different in the bowling approach. Everything is connected, so small changes affect everything. It’s the same in ball reaction as well. Small adjustments can make a big difference in the results at the pins.

On one hand, it helps to break complex concepts down into simple parts. When we talk about the human body, we often talk about different systems like the nervous system, the musculature, or the skeleton. On the other hand, this sort of reductionism takes away from our full understanding. The human body is much more than the sum of its parts.

In terms of bowling biomechanics, it also helps to take this complex movement and break it down. This allows coaches to provide a simple explanation and create smaller chunks for bowlers to work on. However, like everything else with the human body, a bowler’s approach is more than the sum of its parts. Changing one element can affect other parts of your technique and your ball reaction.

No matter what you change, it can have an impact on something else. It’s important to realize that nothing can be changed in a vacuum. It’s also important to realize that some changes will have different effects for different people.

The focus of this article is to develop an understanding of the interplay between different elements that we often think of as separate from one another, including the bowling balls themselves.


You would tend to think that with bowling equipment, it’s as simple as it can get. The numbers tell us everything …

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