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DV8 Hellcat XLR8 Bowling Ball Review

DV8 Hellcat XLR8 Bowling Ball Review

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The Hellcat XLR8 is the follow-up release to the Hellcat from last year around this same time, featuring the same Hell Raiser DOT asymmetrical core design. Instead of switching to a polished finish or a pearl or hybrid cover, the XLR8 simply upgrades to a new strong solid cover. The new Maximum Havoc coverstock comes out of the box with a rougher finish than the Havoc Solid coverstock on the original Hellcat. Despite the duller finish, we found this new shell to be more responsive at the breakpoint, providing more angularity and more total hook. The Hellcat XLR8 excelled on our heavy oil test pattern.

Stroker had effortless hook on the fresh heavy oil condition. The strong traction provided by the aggressive coverstock and dull box finish gave him a lot of area that he often doesn’t have on this pattern. The Hellcat XLR8 allowed him to start with his laydown on board 18, crossing around the third arrow and using 10 as his breakpoint on the fresh. The strong recovery and hook from the XLR8 allowed him to cover more boards than he usually can on this condition. He was able to easily move left with his laydown as the oil in the front started to be removed. The downlane recovery and traction this ball created through the oil made it a no-brainer to make his bag for longer and heavier oil conditions. The Hellcat XLR8 had more hook at the back end than his Verge Solid, along with more total motion than the first Hellcat. The amount of downlane motion was a huge plus for Stroker on the fresh medium oil

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