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A Quick Primer on Good Bowling Shoe Brands

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When you’ve decided you want to get serious about bowling, it’s essential to have the right equipment to perform at your best. One often-overlooked piece of gear is the bowling shoe.

The right pair of bowling shoes can make a significant difference in your game, providing stability, comfort, and a proper slide on the approach. And when you bowl somewhat regularly, buying your own pair can actually save you money. In this article, we’ll explore the top five brands of bowling shoes and briefly compare and contrast their offerings.


Dexter, a respected and well-established brand in the bowling industry, offers a wide range of styles and designs for both men and women. Their shoes are known for their durability, making them a long-lasting investment. Many competitive bowlers swear by Dexter shoes for their excellent slide and comfort. For beginners, Dexter also offers good entry-level options. The innovative BOA lacing system, featured in some Dexter models like the “SST8” and “The9,” adds convenience to the mix.
However, it’s essential to note that some Dexter models can be relatively expensive, which might deter budget-conscious buyers. Still, the quality justifies the cost for serious bowlers.


Brunswick, a well-known name in bowling equipment, offers a diverse lineup of bowling shoes for different skill levels. They cater to both competitive bowlers and those seeking budget-friendly options. For bowlers on a budget, Brunswick is a reliable choice.
However, some bowlers have reported durability issues with certain Brunswick models. To make the most of their offerings, careful selection is key.


Storm is renowned for producing high-quality bowling equipment, including shoes. They often introduce innovative features in their footwear, enhancing the overall bowling experience. Many avid bowlers have praised Storm shoes for their quality and performance.
On the downside, Storm’s top-of-the-line shoes can be on the pricier side. However, for serious bowlers who prioritize performance, the investment is considered worthwhile.

3G Bowling

3G Bowling shoes are known for their high quality and comfort. They primarily cater to serious bowlers who prioritize performance. If you’re looking for reliable footwear that can enhance your game, 3G Bowling is a brand worth considering. Some 3G Bowling models, like the “3G Tour Ultras,” even feature the convenient BOA lacing system….

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