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Strategies for Maximizing Team Performance


Article Contents

  • 1. Understanding the scope of what happened
  • 2. Culture sets the stage
  • 3. Preparation is key
  • 4. Official practice philosophy
  • 5. Constant communication
    • 5.1. Relative lane play
    • 5.2. A practical example
    • 5.3. Staying in the present
  • 6. In-competition meetings
  • 7. Final thoughts

As a coach, there is nothing more special than the moment you see your bowlers ascend to the top of the podium to receive a gold medal for their nation in a major championship. To see them, with the flag draped over their shoulders like a superhero, is so rewarding because I know how much work went into being prepared to be successful when it matters most. These moments are always emotional. Imagine seeing their family members tearing up as they sing along loudly to their national anthem with great pride. Each of those brief moments is etched deeply in my memory and drives me to be the best coach I can become.

This article shares my experiences coaching the U20 Team Philippines’ Boys team at the 21st Asian Youth Championship in July in Bangkok, Thailand. We won the overall country boys title, with a gold medal in the team event and also a gold medal in the masters. By sharing my experience, I’m hopeful these shared insights can aid youth team and college coaches to gain a deeper competition perspective to help prepare their teams to be at their best when it matters most.

Understanding the scope of what happened

The performance in this 21st Asian Youth Championships was historic for the country, with Team Philippines’ boys winning the overall boys country title for the first time, the first team gold medal in 42 years, and the first masters gold medal in 27 years. Not only this, but with one game to go in the team event, they trailed Korea by 209 pins. With a 943 final game, we jumped them for the gold to win by 11 pins, which was just 15 pins over Thailand, who earned the bronze.

Immediately after they finished bowling, and not knowing for sure what the results were, I said to the guys that I was so proud of them for committing and trusting the process. We were so happy at that moment because we had committed to the lane play work without …

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