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Spartans Partake In NCAA Diversity and Inclusion Week

Spartans Partake In NCAA Diversity and Inclusion Week

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From Tuesday, October 17, through Thursday, October 19, Aurora University is excited to continue participation in the annual NCAA Diversity and Inclusion Week. During this period, our dedicated student-athletes, administrators, and coaches will utilize their platforms to create a dialogue surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion.

This marks the third year of Aurora University’s involvement in the annual Diversity and Inclusion Social Media Campaign, which aims to use social media to promote the benefits of cultivating an inclusive environment in collegiate athletics. 

The campaign, which originated in 2018 and has become a highly anticipated event on campuses nationwide, centers around a unique theme for each day of the week:

On day one, Tuesday October 17th, the theme is “Understanding the Why”

Our Student Athlete Advisory Committee has engaged in conversation leading up to this week with Chief Diversity Officer, Justin West, to discuss the significance of standing in solidarity with individuals from diverse backgrounds. The university’s 14th and first Latina President Susana Rivera-Mills also shared her insights on how welcoming and embracing diverse perspectives can enhance our campus environment. Supporting others who have different identities encourages the Spartan athletic community to think critically about the world around them.

On day two, Wednesday October 18th, the theme is “I belong because…”

Our student-athletes will be proudly showcasing their commitment to inclusivity by sharing photos of themselves wearing Spartan blue alongside their faculty mentors. Defining why belonging is important in order to foster inclusive excellence within the Spartan athletic community.

On day three, Thursday October 19th, the theme is “A Shared Responsibility”.

The Spartans are partnering with Fox Valley Special Recreation Association, as members will be attending the Spartan Women’s Volleyball game against Concordia University Chicago. This collaboration focuses on what students and staff do can to advance the creation of inclusive spaces within the Spartan athletic community. 

The Aurora University Department of Athletics is proud to take part in this annual initiative that encourages open dialogue surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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