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TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax

TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax

Creating the Difference Launches TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax


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Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Creating the Difference.  In 2016, Creating The Difference launched a product called That Wow Factor TR. This product was the first in a line of products designed to alter bowling ball performance, without altering the surface of the bowling ball.

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This product was used during competition. In 2019, rule 18 regarding using bowling ball cleaners during competition was changed. This rule change allowed a bowling ball cleaner to only be used before and after competition. This rule change effectively removed That Wow Factor TR from the Creating the Difference product line. As it has to be applied every shot.


Urethane vs Reactive

In bowling a major difference between Urethane and Reactive bowling balls can be summed up by simply saying:  Urethane bowling balls don’t absorb oil. Reactive bowling balls do.

Watch this video to see why.

Oil Absorption and it’s role in performance

Oil absorption is one of the major components that impacts a balls ability to hook. Balls that absorb oil can create friction earlier than balls that don’t. This means that the potential for increased hook is higher if a ball absorbs oil. 


Take a look at the above picture.  You will notice, the image is showing a microscopic view of two types of coverstocks. A Urethane Purple Hammer on the left and a Reactive Storm HyRoad on the right. Notice the black (dots) holes on the Reactive ball that are spread out across the image. These are the pores in the Reactive coverstock that absorb oil. A true Urethane ball, like the Purple Hammer, does not have pores to absorb oil. If you want to know more about Urethane and Reactive coverstocks watch this video from USBC.

CREDIT: The Sport of Bowling – USBC YouTube

What about the other “Urethane” balls?


Not all Urethane balls are really Urethane, and not all Reactive balls absorb oil at the same rate.  This is where marketing coverstock names comes into play.  Names like MicroCell Polymer, Not Urethane (NU), Controll Urethane, along with other names are…

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