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Creating the Difference 2023 – Wrapped

Creating the Difference 2023 - Wrapped

Creating the Difference 2023 – Wrapped

By Dustin Zehner

As a new annual tradition, Creating the Difference Wrapped is a way for you to get a look behind the scenes of Creating the Difference and the overall bowling industry. This year brought us a lot of discussion in regard to urethane bowling balls, notably with the PBA adjusting its specifications from 73D to 78D for traditional urethane and urethane-like bowling balls. As an educational company, we responded by introducing content and a product aimed at enlightening consumers about the available bowling ball options and empowering them to enhance their current equipment. Further details can be found in the informative resources listed below:

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When we reflect on 2023, we cannot be more thankful for the Staff of Creating the Difference.


At Creating the Difference, our Staff is the lifeblood of our operations—a collective of passionate bowlers committed to personal improvement and the growth of the sport. Year after year, our staff continues to grow, and we express our deepest gratitude for their unwavering loyalty and support. 

The 2023 statistics highlight significant milestones:

  • This year marked the most substantial growth in Creating the Difference staff in a single year.
  • As a valuable perk of joining our staff, members enjoyed a website discount, resulting in TeamCtD saving over $10,000 this year.
  • Staff members also had an exclusive opportunity to purchase a yet-to-be-released product to the general public.
  • The Staff also received some new educational content not found anywhere else designed to improve their game.

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Innovation is the cornerstone of Creating the Difference. As a result, we continue to innovate and offer new and unique product solutions for the bowling industry.  This year’s product releases in 2023 include:

Anticipate a year of continued innovation in 2024, featuring impactful products and more exciting collaborative ventures. Stay tuned to our social media channels or consider joining our FREE Regional Staff to be among the first to learn about these groundbreaking releases!


We are delighted to report that 2023 marked another year of…

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