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Duckpin, String Pinsetters & Funk Platform Install

Duckpin, String Pinsetters & Funk Platform Install

Group Therapy, a popular entertainment venue in Greenville, South Carolina, sought to enhance its offerings and create an unforgettable experience for its patrons. To achieve this goal, they partnered with us to bring bowling to their venue. Together we aimed to introduce a new and exciting dimension to their entertainment space, one that would set them apart in the competitive entertainment industry.

Group Therapy wanted to revitalize its entertainment options and cater to a diverse audience seeking unique and engaging experiences. They were looking to add bowling to their venue but wanted something distinctive that would resonate with their customers.

Funk Bowling proposed a comprehensive solution that included the following key elements:

  1. Duckpin Bowling: To provide a fresh take on the traditional bowling experience, Funk Bowling installed four lanes of duckpin bowling. Duckpin bowling is known for its shorter lanes, making it an ideal choice for venues with limited space that want to offer an engaging bowling experience.
  2. The Funk Platform: Group Therapy embraced the future of bowling with the Funk Platform. This cutting-edge software and hardware solution is seamlessly integrated with the Funk equipment to create a dynamic, interactive environment.
  3. Scoring Software: Part of the Funk Platform, the scoring module added an element of competition and engagement, keeping patrons entertained throughout their visit.
  4. On-Lane Projection and Arcade Games: The Funk Platform features on-lane projection and arcade games providing patrons with a diverse range of entertainment options beyond traditional bowling.
  5. String Pinsetters: Funk Bowling’s best-in-class string pinsetters were installed. Known for their reliability, efficiency, and low maintenance, Funk’s string pinsetters were a perfect fit for Group Therapy’s entertainment space.

The partnership between Group Therapy and Funk Bowling resulted in a transformational experience for the venue and its patrons. The addition of Duckpin Bowling accompanied by The Funk Platform brought a new revenue stream to the venue, creating a buzz among Group Therapy’s patrons.

The collaboration between Group Therapy and Funk Bowling showcases the power of innovation in the entertainment industry. By embracing new technologies and unique bowling experiences, Group Therapy was able to expand its entertainment offerings and create a space that keeps patrons coming back for more. This case study serves as a…

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