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Hammer Scorpion Low Flare Bowling Ball Review

Hammer Scorpion Low Flare Bowling Ball Review

The Scorpion Low Flare brings a low differential symmetrical core to the Hammer lineup. The new LED 3.0 Low Flare core modifies the design from the Scorpion Sting to lower the RG and reduce the differential. This low-flaring design is wrapped in the Semtex Hybrid cover from the Scorpion, which is finished at 500/1000/2000 SiaAir. The result is a ball that had enough versatility to be used across all four of our standard test patterns.


Cranker had the best overall reaction out of our three testers, and he had what was easily one of the best reactions he has ever seen on the dry test pattern with the Scorpion Low Flare. He saw the ball provide excellent hold that he doesn’t usually see with many other balls on this pattern, allowing him to be more aggressive with his hand than usual. The box finish gave him great control, but without forcing him to play too straight. This allowed him to be comfortable both on the fresh and as the oil broke down.

The Scorpion Low Flare provided a lot more hook than Cranker expected on the medium oil pattern, considering his reaction on the dry pattern. Playing where he’d usually throw higher differential balls, the Scorpion Low Flare provided more traction than the previous Scorpion offerings and a smooth shape downlane. With a similar shape to the Web Tour,

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