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Ebonite Emerge Hybrid Bowling Ball Review

Ebonite Emerge Hybrid Bowling Ball Review

Ebonite’s new Emerge Hybrid is the follow-up to the pearlized Emerge from last summer. Both balls share the asymmetrical Emerge core design and the same shiny box finish, with the difference between these two balls being their coverstock formulations. The Emerge Hybrid’s new HK22-based Optimize Hybrid cover created a slightly smoother breakpoint and more overall hook compared to the Emerge’s pearlized veneer. In our testing, it provided a lot more pop downlane than sanded balls like the Big Time SE and The One Encore.


Cranker had a very good look with the Emerge Hybrid on our medium oil test pattern. It cleared the fronts pretty easily and made a strong move at the dry. The 1500 grit with Factory Compound box finish was very good at reading the midlane and allowing him to move left with his laydown as the pattern broke down. Even with the added hook and earlier motion compared to the Emerge, he never felt like this ball was too strong on this condition. He could easily ball-down into something like the Fireball if he wanted to stay closer to the track area as more friction developed in transition.

On the heavy oil test pattern, Cranker’s high rev rate was the key difference compared to the other testers. The Emerge Hybrid gave him enough midlane traction as long as he kept his ball speed in check. Shots that got a little fast would skid a bit too far downlane with the box finish. As the pattern started to break down, his reaction improved. While his look on the fresh was

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