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Radical Breakaway Bowling Ball Review

Radical Breakaway Bowling Ball Review

Radical’s new Breakaway uses a new symmetrical core and a new solid reactive coverstock. The Breakaway core has an RG of 2.528″ and a differential of 0.041″, which are both higher than the numbers of the Rattler core from the same Reliable line. The new HyperKinetic+ coverstock is the first solid HK22-based coverstock from Radical, and it comes out of the box at 500/1000/1500 SiaAir with Factory Compound. As one of the few solids that come out of the box glossy, the Breakaway revs up nicely in the midlane, with plenty of continuation downlane to create a mid-range hook potential.


Stroker had a very high strike percentage on the medium oil pattern with the Breakaway. For a solid coverstock, he was pleasantly surprised with how clean it was through the fronts and how much recovery he saw at the back end. This shape gave him a very good look on the fresh, and it allowed him to move in with confidence as the lanes broke down. The ZigZag was longer and snappier than the Breakaway, while the Innovator Solid and Katana Strike provided more overall hook.

Stroker had the best reaction out of the testers on the dry pattern. He had plenty of length from the Factory Compound box finish, and his lower rev rate allowed the ball to have a strong but controllable motion as it came out of the pattern. With more open angles from the start, he needed

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