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Motiv Evoke Bowling Ball Review

Motiv Evoke Bowling Ball Review

The new Motiv Evoke makes its presence known with a bright color scheme that is noticeable from anywhere in the bowling center. Its new Overload Asymmetrical core design gives it an RG of 2.48″ and a total differential of 0.050″. Compared to the Predator V2 design from the Jackal series, the RG of the Evoke is slightly higher and the total differential is slightly lower. The Evoke uses a new coverstock called Leverage MXC Solid Reactive, which comes out of the box at a 2000 grit sanded finish. This ball definitely likes oil, but it also impressed our testers as the lanes broke down.


Stroker loved the amount of continuation the Evoke provided on the fresh heavy oil pattern. The ball revved up quickly off his hand and drove through the pins very well. The smoother motion allowed him to play straighter up the lane and see plenty of carry. He could also slow down and shape it more on the fresh, which came in handy as the lanes broke down as well. The Evoke gave Stroker a great look from start to finish on this pattern.

Stroker had a better look than the other testers on the medium oil pattern. He could keep this ball on a straighter line through the front than the other two testers, opening up some area downlane and giving him a better reaction. His release kept the ball from hooking early as the lanes broke down, giving him good continuation later in the session without needing to change

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