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Motiv Tank Rampage Pearl Bowling Ball Review

Motiv Tank Rampage Pearl Bowling Ball Review

The Tank Rampage Pearl is the latest Microcell Polymer offering from Motiv. Its Frixion M6 Pearl MCP coverstock is a new pearl upgrade from balls like the Blue Tank and Desert Tank. The high RG and low differential symmetrical Gear V2 core design that was found in the original Tank Rampage paired up with the new coverstock results in a ball that provides a urethane-like reaction. Even though the ball has a pearl cover, the 1000 grit sanded box finish grabbed the lane very early and was quite smooth at the breakpoint in our testing.


Cranker had a very good reaction on the dry test pattern with the Tank Rampage Pearl. The ball started early, with a very smooth motion at the breakpoint. With his higher rev rate, he was able to swing the ball more than the other two testers, but he still needed to be fairly straight compared to his normal angles. The smoother motion at the back of the lane gave him more hold than resin balls. In transition, the move was to the outside, thanks to the low flare core and low oil absorption coverstock. Keeping a shammy handy to wipe the cover down between shots helped provide a consistent reaction.

While most of the other balls in the Motiv lineup provided a better reaction on our fresh medium oil pattern, Cranker could make this ball work better than the other testers. Playing very straight and with a slow ball speed, the Tank Rampage Pearl could read the midlane and get

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