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Cenci’s Pizza Moves And Adds Duckpin Bowling To the Menu!

Cenci's Pizza Moves And Adds Duckpin Bowling To the Menu!

Funk Bowling offers a specialized duckpin bowling option designed for businesses looking to expand their services. Duckpin bowling, which is similar to mini bowling but with shorter and narrower lanes, is perfect for businesses with limited space such as breweries, large bars, restaurants, and hotels. Our duckpin bowling setups, featuring the efficient and easy-to-maintain Funk string pinsetter technology, have gained popularity among both business owners and customers. This type of entertainment provides reliability, fun, challenge, and competition in a unique atmosphere, making it a great addition to your business. We can tailor the design to match your existing decor seamlessly and optimize the space for an outstanding bowling experience.

The Project

We, Funk Bowling, recently completed an exciting project for Cenci’s Pizzeria & Bar in Cranberry, Pennsylvania. With Cenci’s Pizza relocating to a larger venue, they sought to enhance their offerings by integrating bowling and arcades into their renowned pizzeria. Understanding their vision, Funk Bowling stepped in to make it a reality.

The centerpiece of this project was the installation of four state-of-the-art Duckpin Bowling lanes by Funk Bowling. Despite the limited space available, Funk’s expertise allowed them to maximize the area without compromising on the quality of the bowling experience. These lanes were custom-designed to seamlessly blend with Cenci’s vibrant atmosphere, providing patrons with a unique and enjoyable entertainment option alongside their delicious pizza and bar offerings.

The addition of Duckpin Bowling has been a game-changer for Cenci’s Pizzeria & Bar. It has not only attracted new customers but also delighted existing ones with a fun and engaging activity to complement their dining experience. With Funk Bowling’s precision engineering and attention to detail, Cenci’s now stands out as a premier destination in Cranberry, Pennsylvania, where families and friends can gather for great food, drinks, and memorable moments on the bowling lanes.

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