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900 Global Harsh Reality Bowling Ball Review

900 Global Harsh Reality Bowling Ball Review

The Reality has been a mainstay in the 900 Global line since the start of 2021. The new Harsh Reality brings back the Disturbance Asymmetric core design, but with an upgrade to the Amplified Inertia outer core. The result is a slightly lower RG and slightly higher differentials compared to the Reality, Altered Reality, and Reality Check. The Reserve Blend 902 Solid coverstock comes out of the box at the same 2000 Abralon finish as the original Reality. We found the Harsh Reality to be just a bit stronger overall compared to the Reality, with more back end motion than the Eternity Pi, and it was best for all three of our bowlers on our heavy oil test condition.


Stroker loved the amount of total hook he saw from the Harsh Reality. The ball was very strong, with more length and a stronger move downlane compared to his Eternity Pi on the heavy oil pattern. The Harsh Reality allowed him to move inside as the oil in the front started to break down, with more hook than the Xponent. He kept the ball at the box from start to finish, taking advantage of the strong hook it created for him.

Stroker had the best reaction out of our three bowlers on the medium oil pattern, with more hold than the other testers. The traction the ball created allowed him to swing it to the right off his hand without burning up or starting too early. He saw this pattern break down much more quickly than the heavy oil pattern, causing him to move his laydown point farther left much earlier. He

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