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Roto Grip Attention Star Bowling Ball Review

Roto Grip Attention Star Bowling Ball Review

The Attention nameplate has been used previously in several international releases from Roto Grip, but the new Attention Star marks the first time it has been used in the North American market. This ball uses the Momentous AV core with the AI outer core system to provide an RG of 2.48″, a total differential of 0.049″, and an intermediate differential of 0.017″. Wrapped in the eTrax PLUS Pearl coverstock that was previously seen on the RST X-2, this shiny ball provides easy length and a strong back end recovery.


Tweener loved the motion the Attention Star gave him on the fresh medium oil pattern. The ball provided enough traction in the oil to keep it from over-skidding in the midlane, while its strong back end hook got it back to the pocket on misses to the outside. The strong downlane motion drove through the pins very well for Tweener. As the pattern started to break down, he had no trouble moving farther inside with his laydown and going around the lane with the Attention Star. The ball gave him plenty of pin carry throughout the testing session. The Attention Star gave Tweener less length than the Clone, a smoother reaction than the Magic Gem and Tour Dynam-X, and more overall hook than the TNT Infused on this pattern.

Tweener could use his higher ball speed to stay in the pocket with the Attention Star on the dry test pattern. He needed to stay closer to the outside part of the lane at the breakpoint while the pattern was fresh to help keep

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