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Columbia 300 Pure Madness Bowling Ball Review

Columbia 300 Pure Madness Bowling Ball Review

The Columbia 300 Pure Madness uses the same asymmetrical Craze core as the original Madness, but this new version features a sanded version of the HK22-based ERT Solid coverstock. It comes out of the box at a 500/2000 SiaAir finish, which helps it create very early traction and plenty of overall hook. While the Pure Madness started early on the lane in our testing, the ball’s smoother motion allowed our testers to stay straighter with their angles compared to the Atlas and Piranha PowerCOR.


Our heavy oil test condition is where Cranker found his best reaction with the Pure Madness. The higher volume of oil on this pattern kept the ball from burning up early while he used his normal release and ball speed. As more friction started to show up in the front and in the track, the Pure Madness started to lose energy and hit flat as it entered the pocket. He tried moving inside and using some loft to delay the hook, but his better option was actually to move outside and play straighter. By going more up the back of the ball with his hand, the Pure Madness would rev up in the midlane and set up in front of the pocket. Polishing or adding compound to the cover caused the ball to have too much length for him on this condition, so keeping the ball at the box finish and changing his hand position

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