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Track Archetype Hybrid Bowling Ball Review

Track Archetype Hybrid Bowling Ball Review

The Archetype Hybrid rolls into the Track line for the spring season. It shares the asymmetrical I-Core 3.0 Slim design with the Archetype, but this new version is wrapped in the HK22-based QR-11 Hybrid coverstock. Coming out of the box very shiny and finished with 500/1000/1500 SiaAir and Factory Compound, the Archetype Hybrid produced a lot of length and liked friction more than one might expect. With more length than the original Archetype, this ball was best for our testers as the oil broke down.


Stroker had the best reaction out of the three bowlers on the fresh medium oil pattern. He could play straighter up the lane and let the back end motion drive the ball through the pins. The shiny box finish did very little to change the playing surface, letting him stay in the same part of the lane until rougher covers started going down the lane. Duller balls chewed up the oil and forced him to move his laydown farther inside, but he could still use his straighter launch angle to get to the pocket. He liked the motion the box finish provided, as it let him stay outside and straighter with his line than he could with bigger balls like the Archetype or more angular options like the Paragon Pearl. Balls like the Sensors or the Tundra Fire became options when the track started hooking even more.

Stroker’s reaction on the dry pattern with the Archetype Hybrid was even better than it was on the medium pattern. The added hook from the shorter distance of the oil gave him more room to miss than he had on

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