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Storm DNA Coil Bowling Ball Review

Storm DNA Coil Bowling Ball Review

The Storm DNA Coil features the asymmetrical Supercoil core design from the original DNA and wraps it in the new EXO Pearl coverstock. This new pearlized veneer is prepped from the factory with Reacta Gloss, providing good length and creating a reaction that doesn’t overlap with anything else in the current Storm line. With its low RG and high flare potential core design, the DNA Coil excelled on medium to heavier oil conditions during our testing.


Stroker instantly fell in love with the DNA Coil on the fresh medium oil pattern. He saw the ball pick up very nicely in the midlane and provide a strong and continuous motion at the back end. The ball drove through the pins well, so much so that he almost never left a corner pin during the session. The DNA Coil revved up easily off his hand, letting him start farther left with his laydown and have his angles open through the front of the lane. He was able to start this ball two boards inside of his Virtual Energy Blackout, keeping it in the oil longer. It was very easy for him to stay ahead of the transition with the DNA Coil, but he also had the option of being able to shell-down into something cleaner and weaker if he wanted to stay in the same part of the lane later in the session.

The DNA Coil is one of the few polished pearl bowling balls that Stroker could get lined up with on the heavy oil test pattern. He was very straight and direct with his angles because the shiny pearl cover saw hang to the outside if his

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