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Roto Grip Optimum Idol Bowling Ball Review

Roto Grip Optimum Idol Bowling Ball Review

Roto Grip’s original Idol became a go-to option for many touring professional and amateur tournament bowlers, so the new Optimum Idol is certainly a hotly-anticipated release. This new iteration features the symmetrical Ikon weight block with the AI outer core system, along with the MicroTrax Solid coverstock that comes out of the box at a 2000 Abralon finish. In our testing, the Optimum Idol was slightly cleaner and more angular compared to the original, while proving to be quite versatile across our four test patterns.


Cranker had the best reaction out of the three testers on the heavy oil pattern with the Optimum Idol. The rough box finish dug into the lane quickly, allowing him to swing the ball to the right and have plenty of back end motion and total hook. He liked the amount of flare this ball produced on this condition, giving him the continuation he needed to continue opening up his angles as the lanes broke down. He had no trouble getting this ball to shape downlane and could keep moving left to keep striking without needing to make any changes to his ball’s surface.

Cranker needed to start the Optimum Idol much farther left on the medium oil pattern and keep the ball in the oil so it could retain enough energy through the pins. It was a great look on the fresh, but starting so far left did see him run out of room later in the session. By adding Reacta Gloss to the cover, he saw improved length and a more angular shape at the breakpoint. He could move a bit more outside and see the ball retain energy better than he did with the box finish. Despite such a good look on the fresh with the box finish from deep inside,

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