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Hammer Effect Bowling Ball Review

Hammer Effect Bowling Ball Review

The Effect introduces another high-flaring asymmetrical option into Hammer’s High Performance price point. This ball uses the new Huntsman core design, which features a lower RG (2.470″), a lower differential (0.050″), and a slightly higher intermediate differential (0.017″) than the Gas Mask core from the Black Widow series. The Effect is the first four-color bowling ball on the market, and it features the new HK22-based Cohesion Pearl coverstock that comes from the factory finished at 500/1000/1500 SiaAir plus Factory Compound. The box finish and new pearl cover made the Effect very clean through the front of the lane during our testing, and it was very quick off the dry when it got to the friction.


Stroker had the best reaction out of our three bowlers on the medium oil pattern. He could play a small swing from just outside the second arrow out to about board six downlane. He had room for error to the outside, but he sometimes saw too much skid and ended up half-pocket on his misses to the inside. While throwing this ball by itself, he saw very little transition and could stay in the same part of the lane for a while. Once duller balls started breaking down the track area, he needed to start moving farther inside. He needed to get pretty steep with his launch angles to get it to the friction, which is not his most comfortable shot. His ball reaction was fine, but his execution wasn’t as good due to being a bit outside of

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