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Radical Radical Conspiracy Bowling Ball Review

Radical Radical Conspiracy Bowling Ball Review

Radical’s new Radical Conspiracy brings HK22 into the Conspiracy line. The last Conspiracy ball, the Conspiracy Scheme, was released two years ago with a solid coverstock that was finished with Factory Compound. The original Conspiracy is now six years old, and this ball is the closest in reaction to that ball since the Incognito. The new Radical Conspiracy uses the same Conspiracy Asymmetric core design, but it is now wrapped with the HK22+ Solid coverstock. This ball comes out of the box at a 500/2000 SiaAir finish, giving it plenty of teeth to bite into heavier oil.


Cranker had an incredible look on the heavy oil pattern with the Radical Conspiracy at its box finish. The ball revved up easily off his hand, creating traction in the midlane and plenty of back end motion. With a more angular breakpoint and a stronger back end than the Katana Strike, it could cover more boards than The Hitter on the fresh. The strong sanded cover made it very easy for him to stay ahead of the transition, as he was able to move inside and open his angles even more as the session progressed.

While Cranker still had a very good reaction on the fresh medium oil pattern, he didn’t strike quite as much as the other two testers. He needed to start the ball much farther left on this condition and leave it in the oil as long as possible. Alternatively, he could also get wide open with his angles and get it way outside before the ball made its move. He could add Factory Compound to the shell and start farther right, but that adjustment gave him a motion much closer to the

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