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CtD Launches 4 Ball Premium Tournament Dually Roller Bag

CtD Launches 4 Ball Premium Tournament Dually Roller Bag

This is a Limited Edition 4 Wheeled Bag available for purchase here.   ( Insert Info)

Since 2020, Creating the Difference has been innovating bowling bags. For 2024, we have taken the feedback from our previous bag that launched at the end of the year 2022, the  3 + 1 Premium Tournament Roller Ball Bag and improved it for 2024.  People requested the backpack portion be permanently attached to the bag and made bigger, so we did that. They also asked us if we could make it more stable for rolling in parking lots and up stairs, and we did that too. We are always looking to get better as that is the core of innovation. So now we have our new Limited Edition 4 Ball Premium Tournament Dually Roller Bag.

The additional features now include a sewn in top portion of the bag that is big enough to hold a 4th ball, shoes and even the new larger CtD Accessory Bag XL. It has a clear window on the back to show what balls are in the bag. We added a Velcro top locking system to the internal ball portion of the to hold the balls in place better. It also has foam inserts to protect the balls from hitting each other and an ABS molded bottom base.  The bag is covered in strong 1680D Nylon for durability and long life.  It features 4 wheels that are 5 inches in diameter and are urethane covered with steel ball bearings for a smooth roll across any terrain. It has multiple handles to help pick up the bag and a 41-inch telescoping handle that can retract flush when needed.

This bag comes with a 180 day limited warranty. Click the product to review all of the warranty details. This bag is a limited edition in the Jet Black color.


This warranty applies when the bag has been reasonably maintained and has not been subjected to damage by misuse, neglect, or abuse. This warranty does not cover damage incurred from transportation by commercial travel (air, train, bus, etc.) Damage caused by placing a ball in the backpack, and attaching it to the bag will void the warranty. Damage caused by rolling the bag down stairs or dropping the bag will not be covered under warranty. Bent and/or broken handles will constitute neglect and will not be covered. To fix a bent handle, the customer will send back the bag at their expense and Creating the Difference will send the bag back at the company’s expense. We will repair (if possible) under the terms of this warranty, any tote bag product offered by Creating…

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