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Radical Outer Limits Pearl Bowling Ball Review

Radical Outer Limits Pearl Bowling Ball Review

The Outer Limits Pearl is the follow-up to the very successful Outer Limits from Radical. This ball uses the same Outer Limits Asymmetric core as the original but changes the coverstock to HK22 Pearl with a box finish of 500/1000/1500 SiaAir with Factory Compound. The changes in coverstock and box finish increase the length and cut down the total hook compared to the original. It is also cleaner through the front than the new Radical Conspiracy, providing a good look to the pocket for all three of our testers on our medium oil pattern and enough versatility to use on the heavy oil and dry patterns as well with varying degrees of success.


Stroker had an exceptional look on the medium oil pattern, with just a slightly better reaction than the other two testers. The Outer Limits Pearl provided a strong move at the breakpoint and the back end, giving him excellent pin carry. He could increase his ball speed when the ball started to finish a little too high in the pocket and it would delay the motion enough to keep striking. After duller balls were in play and after heavier traffic, Stroker had to make bigger moves, but he still had no trouble getting the Outer Limits Pearl through the pins. This ball let him stay farther right than he could with the Radical Conspiracy, with a great reaction throughout the session.

Stroker also had the best reaction of our bowlers on the dry oil pattern. His lower rev rate allowed him to play this pattern nearly identically to the medium pattern, simply with more focus on getting the ball outside because he had less hold on shots missed to the inside. He could once again add ball speed to his normal delivery to keep the

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